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Last Day in Jakarta

Day 6: Shopping at the FX Mall

Our last day in Jakarta we decided to take it easy and stroll through some of the shopping centres around the city.

The one that caught our attention was the FX Mall. Visit the FX Mall website!


This mall has a slide to go from one floor to the next.

It is very exquisite, didn't really buy anything from here, was just great to experience and see what was going on in Jakarta.

The slide was so much fun!


We enjoyed having a more relax vacation in Jakarta also had our fare share of fun at the mall!

Now, getting onto our bus and heading to the airport where we will be flying to Lombok!

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Welcome to the Ragunan Zoo!

Day 5

Day 5:

7:00 am morning start... ugh... who's brainy idea was this?

First things first had our fill of coffee then had breakfast, and out the door to our awaiting taxi that was taking us to the Ragunan Zoo just south in Jakarta.

By the way the Taxi's here are very small but can seat 2 people. Mechelle says it's like taking your life in your own hands...!
Ashley and I don't mind.


Some information on the zoo originally had started in 1864 and was referred to as the Vereneging Plantenen Dierentuin it is about 135 hectares of land, it holds 550 tropical plants and animal species.

They also have a program where they breed endangered species such as the Sumataran Tiger, Komodo Dragon, and a Dwarf Buffalo

The entrance fee was a little bit surprising it was only 3.000 rupiah plus 200 rupiah insurance, total 3.200 which is about 50 cents USD.
Also, you will have to pay an additional fee of 5.000 rupiah for the Primate Ape section, but well worth it...!

Since we spent most of the day here we enjoyed having lunch as well as purchasing some snacks.
Just an F.Y.I you cannot bring drinks or food into the Primate Ape section.

This place was just mind blowing. So big and amazing at how many species of animals and plants the Ragunan Zoo can hold.


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Jakarta-Where it's happening

Day 4-Capital City

We finally arrive in Indonesia’s Capital City Jakarta, we enjoy being here the locals have been quite friendly and very helpful…!
Also, we booked a 2 nights accommodation at the Grand Cemara Hotel which is $55.00 USD for one person.


Day 4:

Our first day in Jakarta we went to the National Museum what a great way to see and learn about the history of Indonesia
and how Jakarta became the capital city and also was able to peruse some exquisite art!



While we were browsing the Museum we met a couple from Europe they informed us of some of best shopping stores and exotic dining experiences, they recommended a good Indonesia cuisine the Huize Trivelli Heritage Resto & Patisserie...!

Tonight we went to the Huize Trivelli Heritage Resto & Patisserie( just a few minutes from the National Museum) our food was very yummy (the cuisine itself is mixed between the Dutch Palate and the original Indische Food) since we were having this experience we all decided to try out the traditional beverage, called the Bier Pletok a la Betawi, a drink which is made from sweet-smelling pandan leaves, cinnamon and cloves, and spiced up with ginger…! The drink reminded us of Christmas.


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Welcome to Bali!

Day 1

Upon our arrival into Bali, we will be taking a transfer to The Laguna Resort and Spa in the Nusa Dua area; a world class conference center. We are so excited to finally make it here after a very long flight!

We will be staying at this resort while in Nusa Dua, Bali. On our first night stay here we will be relaxing in our tropical garden view room accompanied with butler service and luxury bath amenities. It is here where we will rejuvenate from our jet leg and prepare for our exciting adventure in Indonesia.

Day 1:
On our first official day in Bali we will be exploring the Kuta Waterbom Park and Spa. A park filled with world class slides and rides, a perfect day for fun and excitement. Visit the Waterbom website!

After the water park will be eating at the Batan Waru, Bali’s best known Indonesian cuisine, it is here that will try Bali's most famous local dishes; Lawar is made from pig’s blood and spices, together with an assortment of other goodies.

After our dinner we will be heading back to our hotel for the night.

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Here we go to Indonesia!

Just putting the finishing touches to our travel departure,
while researching for information about Indonesia we found some helpful tips, for all future travelers to Indonesia the Country’s currency is the Indonesian Rupiah and the language spoken is an Austronesia language and is a standardized form of Malay and spoken throughout Indonesia. Also, was once a former Dutch Colony.


Our don't forget to pack list

  • Our valid Canadian Passports
  • Our 30 day tourist Visas : these two are requirements for Canadians to enter Indonesia
  • Plane Tickets
  • Clothes
  • First Aid Kit (Megan's so accident prone)
  • Cameras
  • Eyewitness Travel Book on Indonesia
  • Memory Cards
  • Extra Batteries
  • Bug Spray (with 30% Deet)
  • Laptop
  • Toiletries
  • Accessories (IPOD and IPOD Charger *cannot forget this!)

Next time you hear from us. We'll be in Bali, Indonesia!

Mechelle, Ashley, & Megan

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